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No GPU processing support PP v22
Here is the question, and the disappointing answer back, from PP support:

Dixon Marshall
Please, when will GPU support be added to Portrait Pro Studio Max 22? This is a very important feature, it has really sped up my workflow on the last couple of versions.



2021-10-31 23:13


Hi Dixon,

[b]I'm afraid we currently do not have GPU support for PP22.[/b]

We are working on a GPU upgrade but if there are no benefits to a significant number of users then we will not release it.

Warm regards,


Anthropics Technology

2021-11-02 16:53

Great. There is a significant speed improvement for me when using the nVidia GPU in my machine to process images in studio max 21, especially when batch processing. All of my other modern editing tools allow for GPU-centric processing, as they should, with the simple tick of a box in the settings. Portrait Pro is a heavy user of processing resources. I am currently reverted v21 because it is faster due to the GPU capability. The strange thing is, in the last couple of versions that had the GPU capability, you have to download a separate, very large executable to enable it. This is not the case in any other software that I have used; you just put a tick in the box.  But that's okay, as long as the GPU can be enabled, I don't care if I have to jump through a hoop or two. Sad

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