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Portrait Pro Causing Drastic Overexposure - WHY????
I recently upgraded to PP 21 Studio Max from (IIRC V15).  Lots of great improvements, but...  there's a HUGE issue that I cannot seem to find a resolution for.  When I am working on an image with multiple faces, the background exposure is increased to the point where highlights are blown and the image rendered unusable.  The image I'm working on has eight people in it, and all I want PP to do is "cover up the worst of the their sins" - this isn't a commercial model shot, but when I load the image, correct the sex identity and then let it run the auto processing, the exposure, especially in the whites & highlights jumps 1-2 stops.  I've turned off ALL of the modules in 'General' and set all the options in 'Presets' to 'Original', but that still doesn't correct the issue.  I'm used to PP brightening the image slightly, and what appears to be happening is that it's multiplying that amount of exposure increase by the number of people in the image.

If you look at the image below, you can see that the white sweater worn by the woman in the middle is totally blown out in the 'After' whereas the 'Before' is just fine.  HOW do I prevent the software from increasing exposure like this??????

[Image: PP_Issue.jpg]

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