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Key is showing as being used already.
Recently my new PC had issues so I had to have Geek Squad fix it (which takes weeks) as a professional photographer I didn't have time to wait to edit wedding photos so i hooked up an old PC and reinstalled Portrait Professional and used the same code i had previously used for my newer PC. I was granted access and worked on photos on this PC until receiving my new PC back today. Now when i try to use portrait professional it is saying to enter my key, so I do. Now when i enter my key it is telling me it has been used already. How do I remedy this situation? Has anyone else gone through this?
When you enter your token PP activates on-line. You did that already with your new PC and then again with your old PC so that's why you're getting told the token's been used already.
I suggest you submit a support ticket and you should be back in business pretty quickly.

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