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Portrait Pro 21 Crashing problem on AMD Video Cards?
Hi, i bought my copy of Portrait pro and i tested it on my PC (first time) the program kept crashing once a picture was uploaded and the AI was "finding the face". I was astonished to find that anything i did to try and fix the issue (on my side) didn't work. After a while i tried to play again on my PC with PP trial and i got the same problem again. I kept my eye on the AMD software at performance and the card was always spiking before the crash!

My question for the DEVs is:
 If there is a problem by runing PP on Pcs with AMD Graphics Cards and if so is there a fix to solve this issue? 
 I need to point out that i'm using PP on my laptop with an nvidia graphics card and it runs without any issue.
 I'm looking forward to your reply thank you in advance.

Best regards,

I've just installed Portrait Pro 21 (17 was the last version I used.)
It crashes once I try to open a photograph.
This is pretty disasterous. Every other piece of software works perfectly on my laptop (which is Dell).
The only help I see is in the FAQ which I copied below.
My laptop doesn't have Dell Backup and Recovery installed.
Has anyone got it working on a Windows laptop.
I really regret buying this now. I expect software to work when I install it and the company to work out the bugs not me.

Why do I get a crash when opening a picture on my Windows PC?
AThis is due to the way Dell Backup & Recovery installs as a Windows shell extension, which can cause other programs to crash when displaying the Windows file open dialog. There are two solutions to this problem:

1. Uninstall the Dell Backup & Recovery software.

2. Unregister the shell extensions that cause the problem. This is only for people who are confident in running command scripts on their computer. The following command script needs to be downloaded: unregister_dell_backup.cmd then follow these additional steps: Browse to the downloaded file, it will probably be blocked from running since it came from the internet. Right click and choose properties and press the unblock button. Now right click again and choose to run the script as an Administrator.

There may be other programs besides the Dell Backup & Recovery program that also cause this issue, but this is by far the most common cause.

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