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Portrait Pro 21 - Huge Disappointment
I was hoping version 21 would finally be able to work with Side Profile or anything in between front facing and side facing orientation processing, but there is no mention of it in the ads.
So I installed the trial version. There is major problems trying find a face which is even somewhat approaching a Side Profile.

What gives I and some other people have been asking for this ever since the first version of Portrait Pro appeared, but this request has been totally disregarded. Therefore I am not purchasing the new version 21, and recommending to everyone else to also send this message to Anthropics. 

What is so damn difficult about doing this ? Is it not clearly actually easier to work with than the usual face front Facing Portrait?

I am also disappointed that the Hair Controls some of the control sliders such as Saturation are way too sensitive - making it difficult to get the right setting because stuff changes way too much.

The automatic control points for finding Face Features is still not all that accurate especially the outline of of the sides of the face.

As much as I like Portrait Pro, I am just going to stay with my current Portrait Pro v 18, until I see an Upgrade works with Profile Views.

Thanks for listening.
It is rather telling that Portrait Pro developers have never answered the issues raised by my messages. Other companies at least show that they are listening to their customers. However Portrait Pro does not.
If they have some reason why they cannot deal with Profiles, I would be willing to listen, but with deafening silence there is nothing to listen to.

Hopefully, Portrait Pro's version 22 will have the ability to work with Profiles and everything in between.
It will be interesting to see if they respond to my similar complaint regarding profile. I like some of the new features, but the lack of ability to add makeup to Profile view is past annoying.
I fear that you will be similarly disappointed with v22.
PPro v 22 is slightly better, although you have to look carefully to see that there is a Profile mode hidden in the menu. However,  you have to put in the markers manually, there is no automated guess/help at all. I found the eyes to be a huge problem, of course you are only dealing with one eye, but it is difficult to get the Cornea, and other portion to be just right.

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