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Color Shift in PortraitPro 19
I'm currently running our latest version of PortraitPro and I'm having some color shift/over saturation in my final output image. I am able to get a near perfect blend of everything within the preview window of PortraitPro, but when I export it and look at the final image from my desktop, it's completely overstated, with two much red tones and the highlights are blown out. I've seen many in the forums have this issue dating back to version 17, but I'm not seeing what the fix was. I've already tried changing the color profiles I'm using, but that does not seem to help. I have screenshots here that will illustrate just how much the color is shifting. In the first image, it's normal. But in the second image, you can see the area between the hair line and the top of the eye gets much more red. And the color chart shows the values jump further up into the red pallet. It makes the color between the skin and the hairline way to pronounced/obvious that there is an edit being done. Please let me know, and thanks

EDIT: Just noticed the stupid Photobucket watermark blocks the area of the forehead I'm talking about, but you can clearly see the red values jump way to high on the second image compared to the first. I just want it to export exactly as I see it in the PortraitPro monitor.

[Image: ppcolorshift1.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]

[Image: ppcolorshift2.jpg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds]

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