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PP 9 standard VS PP9 Studio version
Dear all,

I would like to buy PP 9 either in standard version or Studio version. Now, I have a question regarding "Batch dialog to speed workflow" of Studio Version.

1) Could anyone tell me more detail in this function or any like or demo?
2) In future, If I upgrade my PC to 64, may i still use the Studio verson?
3) How to use the PP 9 with lightroom together ?

Thank you very much.
Just yesterday I changed from XP Pro SP3 32-bit to Windows 7 64-bit and Portrait Professional was working fine on XP and is working fine on Windows 7. I don't have the Studio version, just the standard but I expect Studio will work on 64-bit O/S for you.

There is nothing in the Help file about using PP with Lightroom so I'll leave it for Anthropics Technology to answer your question.
1) The batch dialog is to avoid having to repeatedly open and save files, you choose a bunch of pictures all in one go and it lets you go through them one at a time without having to use the file menu. There is a demo of PP Studio on Portrait Professional Studio, so you can give it a try.

2) Yes

3) I thin you need see this: Using Portrait Professional as a lightroom plugin.

Hope that helps!


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