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Poll: Do you want Profile Face Orientation Feature ?
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Profile and Three Quarters Face Orientation
I have v18 which utterly fails with any face Orientation approaching Profile and of course Full Profile.

I installed the trial version of v19 and although that tries to correct this problem, it still does not really work well at all with this issue.

Therefore I have decided not to purchase this version or any other upgrade version until Profile Orientation and anything in between Profile and Front Facing Faces are dealt with successfully and without attempted workarounds.

Surely, this is not at all difficult ! In fact I'm pretty sure it is even easier than the Front Face Orientation.

I and others have asked for this 2 or more versions earlier, but Portrait Pro just does not appear to listen.

Please add your voice to this request if you agree.


Version 19 is highly advertised but still no mention of Side Profile or anything in between front facing and side facing orientation processing. This is after years of requesting this. This speaks poorly of the company. The best companies always listen and pay close attention to reasonable customer requests

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