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Color Shift / Saturated Reds
This is a problem I see threads as recent as 2019 and as old as 2015.  I've recently made numerous tickets and over three weeks have yet to hear of a solution from PortraitPro/Anthropics. 

I open an image in Photoshop. It looks fine. I import it into Portrait Pro and make adjustments. It looks fantastic in PortraitPro. When I return to Photoshop the image is highly saturated in red tones to the point that color correction deteriorates the image's overall color.

This is a problem that I've experienced for years. I simply avoid any color changes in PortraitPro, turning off certain features.

Has anyone experienced this and come up with a solution?

My last response from Anthropics:

Hi Peter,

Sorry for the delay,

Is there a way to manually change the colour profile on your monitors so that it matches all of the stages of your editing process?

My reply:

I\'m not sure I completely understand your question. I\'m using one calibrated monitor during the whole editing process. I don\'t know how to further explain this.

Here\'s my process:

1) I open an image in Photoshop with color corrections complete.

2) I open the image in PortraitPro. Before I edit the image in PortraitPro the image looks exactly as it appeared in Photoshop.

3) I make my adjustments in PortraitPro. The image looks exactly like it appeared in Photoshop with the exception of the changes I made in PortraitPro. When I am satisfied with the way the image looks in Portrait Pro I return to Photoshop.

4) Upon returning to Photoshop the image looks different than it did when editing in PortraitPro was completed. It appears that the red tones, in particular, are more saturated.

I\'ve previously attached a single image composite that represents what I am seeing. Since this is a single image you can notice the difference in color saturation regardless of what monitor or profile is being used to view the composite image. The left image shows what I am seeing in Photoshop upon opening, the middle image shows what I see in PortraitPro just before exiting, the right image shows what I see immediately upon returning to Photoshop from PortraitPro. The higher red saturation is clearly visible.

All editing is done on a single monitor. The monitor is calibrated to industry standards using a monitor profiling device. No changes to profiles on the monitor or image are changed during the entire editing process.

As previously stated, I experience the same problem when the image is edited directly in the PortraitPro standalone program. The Jpeg looks the same when I bring it into PortraitPro and then looks very different after being saved from PortraitPro. In such a manner no other editing software is able to affect the color profile of the image. The only profile being used is by PortraitPro.

I can\'t believe that nobody at Anthropics has needed to address this issue. I\'m not the only one experiencing this particular problem. A quick look at some PortraitPro forums reveals this problem has existed for quite a while as evidenced by numerous forum posts regarding the exact same issue dating back as far as 2015. Forum posts mention the occurrence is still happening in V.19. With all due respect, are none of these forum posters contacting Anthropics.?

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I seem to have the same problem. I am not computer literate enough to comment but my eyes I trust. Thank you for the post.
Hi guys,
I have exactly the same problem with red. I use a new iMac with good specs and everything seems fine until I see the saved image. The amount of red is way more than what I saw in PP2019 when I saved the image.
If you have a solution I would very much like to know what it is!
This thread seemed to die out, so did anyone find a solution?   Joined the Forum today after searching for information on the same issue.   I have the exact same version of PP on a 27" iMac and a 15" MacBook Pro with a 1TB SST.   Both were update installations of Version 19, installed at the end of March 2020.   The OS of the iMac is still High Sierra 10.13.6 and the OS of the MacBook is Catalina 10.15.3.    So far I have not experienced any issues with PP results using my iMac, be it Stand Alone, or editing from L.R. to PP and back to L.R. or from L.R. to P.S  to PP and back to P.S. and back to L.R.      HOWEVER, when using the MacBook,  if I send a file from LR to PS and then edit with PP, I have the same issue of over saturation when the file is returned to PS from PP, even though the file looks exactly as I want prior to returning it to PS.   Lips are usually over saturated and eyeshadows too.   Blush ofter becomes Clown looking on subjects' cheeks.    BUT, here is the kicker.   On the MacBook if I send the file from LR directly to PP  (avoid PS) it renders back to LR exactly as it looked in PP, so no issue there.   The only variable seems to be the OS, Catalina vs High Sierra.     I am hesitant to upgrade the OS of the iMac to Catalina for fear if provoking the same issue.   Any thoughts from Folks running these Operating Systems who might be having similar issues?

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