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PortraitPro V19
As we grow older, time seems to pass faster. Without realising it, I have been using PortraitPro since V3 and now it is V19! And a few days back, I took a bold step to upgrade to V19 without trying it out! I didn't realised that I actually skipped V18! I was surprised that there are a few nice changes from V17. So below is what I found comparing V19 to V17:

Skin smoothing:
1. Remove Grease
This is probably the most useful addition as I always hate seeing the greasy reflection on the face. I used to do a quick patch on photoshop before calling up PP to help me smooth thing out. Now, it is just a slider bar! A million thanks to the developers.

update: I noticed that this grease removal may leave behind red tint.

Skin detection:
1. People with darker and thicker spectacle rim is now automatically excluded. I haven't tested a case with thinner rim.
2. Skin detection is now far more accurate than previous version. Previously, those who wear mortar board will have the front part detected as skin. Now, this is a non issue.
3. Not sure whether "Refine Edge" was in earlier version. Clicking this will help to soften edges which is very useful.

SKin Lighting
To me, there is quite a lot of improvement on this. In the previous version, I normally disable this because the effect is a little too "dramatic". Having said this, many customers actually like the effect. On this version, I like the implementation and I suspect that the code has been revamped.

I like the lipstick as the gloss is very natural. Do try out all the texture.
I have never used mascara. But for this version, the mascara is accurately applied.

There are just too many improvement on this makeup and I encourage you to "play" with it yourself.

I noticed the addition of Dehaze, High/Low Key, black and white, flatten histogram, etc. I haven't got time to look into them.

This has to do with changing background. Overall, I like what it can do for my bluescreen. 

Overall, layers control can generally do a cleaner job than Photoshop.To be fair, I was trying to find the hand/pan tool in Layers Control. I wasted so much time trying to move the image around the screen which cause me so much frustration. At the end, I found that pressing the Ctrl key does the trick! This is not documented in the keyboard shortcuts but it is documented in the Layers->View/Edit Background Mask.

Overall, I like this V19. Worth the upgrade.

Suggestion for future version:
1. Automatic  removal of reflection on spectacle;
2. I don't know whether it is already capable, I like to see the setting of preferences for background removal. There should be somewhere I could tell PP to always automatically send the image with transparent background back to Photoshop. At the moment, I keep "accidentally" sent the image back to PS with a "flat" background. This render my work completely wasted as I need to start all over again.

Note to those who just upgraded:
1. You need to reboot the computer! Otherwise, CTL-Alt-F in PS may go crazy!
2. Remember that the hand/pan tool in layers section is by pressing Ctrl key.

Yes, thanks to the developers. You have all been working very hard. Overall, I like this V19.3.2. Worth the upgrade.
am hoping PP can improve eye color changes - it works but I wish it was a little more sophisticated in blending colors.

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