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Portrait Pro 19 Wacom PTH 451 problem

I just updated to PP19.
Everything works except the Wacom PTH 451.
The mouse response is OK, but the Wacom pen is very jumpy.

I am running Mojave 10.14.6, 5K i7 iMac.
My Wacom driver is Driver 6.3.37-2

I wonder if there's anyone out there with the same experience and what's the fix?

PP19 works OK.
When I need to do touch up, there's no problem using the mouse.  It's smooth, the pointer floats normally, like it had been since there was PP.
When I use the Wacom Pen (which I had been using since there was PP) it works when I am paining.  As soon as I lift the pen, it lost its location and I have trouble navigating it to another spot.

The pen works 100% with all my other softwares, except PP 19.

Please help.

Having the same issue with the Wacom Intuos2 XD-0912-U. with PPv19.
Running Mac OS 10.10.5
Thank you for your reply. Now I feel better knowing I am not the only one. I pray PP will check this out and come up with a fix asap.
Ok, so I received an update 19.4.1 that I installed, but it didn't fix the tablet problem.
The slider bars seem to be jumpy also. Just not the smooth operation that v18 had.
I have a support ticket in, so we'll hope for a fix soon.
Thank you for your update. PP actually gave me a refund and helped me reinstalled PP18. I like PP18. I am sure there are lots of room for improvements but all in all, PP18 had been very functional.
I still like to be able to update to PP19.
I have not heard from PP if they are doing anything about Wacom.
I only hope that they will simply tell us which Wacom they are using to develop and test their PP19 and I'll go buy the same thing.
But, not a word, not yet. So, I can just wait.
Again, thank you, and Happy New Year.
Its been another month...
Does anyone know if they fixed the tablet problem?
Does anyone know if I can buy a different tablet that works?
Does anyone know what is the latest version now? Is it still 19.4.1?

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