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Failure to launch from Photoshop
Hi - I am receiving the following error message when I try to launch PortraitPro from Photoshop
Could not complete PortraitPro command because failed to run application c:/Program Files/PortraitPro Studio 15/PortraitPro Studio. exe.

I recently upgraded Photoshop to CC 2019.  I remember having this problem 2 years ago in CS6, but cannot remember how it was resolved after a month of back and forth with the support desk (the resolution was not in our final email exchange.).  I am currently running Windows 10 and have no problem launching PortraitPro as a standalone application.  Things I have tried so far:
1)  Uninstalling and reinstalling PP (3+ times) including rebooting the PC and restarting Photoshop.  I've been using Windows/Remove Program to uninstall the software.
2)  Manually installing the 64.8bf launcher to the Plugins folder for PS CC 2019
3)  Activating the token in the stand alone version
4)  Checking my c:/users folder to confirm I do not have PP files there

I am currently corresponding with the support desk for a resolution - but was hoping I would find a faster answer here.  So far I have been instructed to uninstall and reinstall the software.

Thanks for any help you can provide.


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