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Skin enhancement without changing face shape
Hope you can help.

I have upgraded my version of PP from 9.x to 9.5 yesterday and cannot see how to skip the face, eyes, lips etc shape changes and just go on to the skin and hair enhancements that I used to be able to do with my previous version by just pressing a button to the left of the "Next" key.

Has this been omitted from version 9.5 as I cannot see how to do this in the latest version.  If so, please put it back in because most of the time I do not want to change the facial shape features.  Thanks.
Hi there,

We found this button was confusing for a lot of our customers, so it is hidden by default. To show it again, simply go into the settings panel in the file menu to turn it back on again.

Thanks Tony, I should have guessed that it was a simple thing to change.  Wink
Thanks for the quick response.
How do i achieve this when used as a plugoin in lightroom. I want to be able to make enhancements to pictures from lightroom without altering the facial contours
Just uncheck the "Facial Sculpt Controls" button.
Nice post...!
Thanx for this.Wink

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