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Remove Background Quick Look
Thank you William for the advice. I will dabble with some of your suggestions as I find time. The hair is my main concern as I want it to look natural and I struggle with that.

Then again I am fighting some complex backgrounds in the photos I have been editing. In the samples shown by PP they usually have a very plain background with good contrast as a start, and then in their video tutorials just drag down the hair in one move making it look super easy to edit photos. Well it is lots easier when having a photo that is easy to edit. My impression was that I could get acceptable results without spending so much time touching things up. Perhaps as I get more experience with the program I'll shave some time off.

I posted another background photo replacement in the photo critique section if you want to give that a look.

I am pushing boundaries and not necessarily using PP background as intended.

If I go directly into PP without using it as a plugin, I can save sessions which helps shortcut things a bit, or as snapshots.

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