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Remove Background Quick Look

You are much more versed in it than I am, but I am also playing around with the background feature in PP. I was playing with this photo last night (dropbox link), having a bear of a time with the chair - https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w1dxjae6zsk4r...UQQHa?dl=0

Ava260b is the original/pre-masked photo

PP crashed on me numerous times while I was trying to select/edit etc. I had saved a 'session' so I wouldn't have to first do the face again and could go directly into background masking. I will play around with 'soften mask edge' as I hadn't used that yet. Original photo was taken on dimly lit stage during live performance, 8000ISO. I found a beach background just to see what I could do with it and the dancer.

I am also having PP getting confused - sometimes it apparently thinks I am in Photoshop and it won't give me the option to 'save as' etc., only to 'return from plugin' even though I was not using PP as a plugin, Photoshop wasn't even running. iMac running Yosemite, 14 gigs of ram.

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