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V 17 color shift
Since I upgraded to PPV17 images brought in by plugin CS6 are extremely red and over-saturated.
I've tried disabling color management in PP preferences with no luck.
My color space in CS6 is adobe rgb. I tried making the color space in PP preferences adobe rgb-no luck.
This is very frustrating as I was not getting this issue with the previous PP version. Only V17.

This seems to be a software issue.
Any chance we can get this fixed soon please?
(01-04-2018, 11:32 PM)morad Wrote: I tested the PP Studio Version 17.1.3 on my Mac Pro 2012/El Capitan and color shift still happened-Sad

This issue is very frustrating since we are dealing with flesh tones.  What's the point of color-calibrating our monitors.  
I love Portrait Pro and use it every day, but this color shift issue in PPv17 is unacceptable in our workflow.
PP v17 is supposed to produce a more realistic flesh tone, but the previous version was much better.
Anthropics, if you are monitoring this forum, please lend us some help with a fix.
does this problem with colour shift happen in windows 10
I was going to upgrade from Studio Max v 12 to the latest version 17,

but if the problem happens in windows 10 there's no point in purchasing the upgrade

Tom G
We apologize for the inconvenience. This issue has been passed on to our developers. Please create or update a support ticket on our website so we can notify you when the free update with the bug fix has been released: https://support.anthropics.com/
It looks like the issue is caused by PP17 not detecting monitor colour profiles correctly on Mac. It was ok in PP15, and it's ok on Windows, as well as on Macs with the default monitor profile. Also the saved output is correct, the issue is that the colour is displayed incorrectly while you're working.

You can get a refund, and if you had upgraded you can revert to PP15 until there's a fix in place.
Hi all, I've had the exact same problem on version 17 with a MacBook Pro. The exchange with the support has been going on for two months now. Appart from asking for more and more screen captures and useless copy paste answers the support team has been more than useless. I've tried reaching out to the mother ship but Anthropics doesn't answer the phone nor reply back.

I have tried every possible combination of color space on my source pictures as well as inside the preference color tab of portrait pro. Nothing works. Even worse, if you create a custom color background (in my case RBG 185,185,185) it will come back wrong in photoshop.

I'm sorry to say but considering the amount of money spent on license renewal we should be getting our money's worth. I urge each and every one that read this forum to put as much pressure on anthropics to resolve this issue.

All the best to everyone!
well it looks like they MAY do something to fix the problem

maybe hire a few good programmers that know what there doing LOL
Thanks for your patience. We have now released a new build which should fix this issue, to install simply visit: https://support.anthropics.com/products/...t.php?p=PP

Alternatively you can download directly with the links below.

PortraitPro Studio v17: http://cloudfront.portraitprofessional.c...etup64.pkg
PortraitPro Studio Max v17:  http://cloudfront.portraitprofessional.c...etup64.pkg
Guys can someone please confirm that this is fixed? I don't want to spend money on it if not.
(06-01-2018, 09:20 AM)Richimaging Wrote: Guys can someone please confirm that this is fixed? I don't want to spend money on it if not.

We confirm that this issue has been fixed in the latest version of the software.

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