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background replacement in Portrait Pro 17
Purchased v17 Studio last month, and finally had a chance to play with background replacement. Here's my first somewhat serious effort.

Was trying to insert photo straight into the post, but can't get it to appear, so resorted to dropbox link.
Very nice, I like it.
Heres one I tried yesterday.
Hope this works....
I am having occasional crashes now with v17 that I didn't have in 15 - using the new background feature. Usually happens when I am doing more extensive editing.
Great Job Franklin.
I have also tried using the blur and smudge tools in Photoshop to touch up the masks with some success.

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Great job. Intersting changes. They look natural!
    The Portrait Pro promos make it look fairly easy to replace a background, as long as one is using a simple background that has a definite contrast to the subject. And in that situation, it does as advertised.

But I try to use it in much more difficult situations. The hair is usually the biggest problem, using only PP and not Photoshop masks. Someone versed in masking can pull it off better in Photoshop when dealing with complicated backgrounds, but that's the reason I have PP - trying to do touchups faster/easier. Replacing backgrounds is another story.

Changing eye color is something that PP needs to improve on; in Photoshop I seem to be able to adjust eye colors that look better/more natural than PP.

PHOTO: Changed background in PP and hair color; eyes in Photoshop. Original background was inside a mall with people walking around in the background

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