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I recently purchased a new laptop from Dell in March and when I installed the Portrait Pro 15 it worked until Aug. then when I tried opening Portrait Pro it asked for a token.  When I obtained a new token it worked until I closed the program and when opening it Windows said the program was compatible.  Each time I have to re-install the program and enter the token.   The program works fine until I close and try reopening Portrait Pro.  I have recently upgraded to Pro 17 and still have the same problem.  Anybody out there experienced the same problem?  I have worked with Dell and Anthropics to resolve this issue, but no luck.
Well, it seems the problem has been solved. Since my last Window's update, the app is opening even after I shut down the laptop. Once again Microsoft screws up PC's!
I have totally had the same problem.  The updates with windows 10 seems like a daily thing and so many of my programs have caused my PC to crash or time out. You may want to try an uninstall and reload.  It seemed the only thing that worked for me.  

Good luck and Hope that helps.


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