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PortraitPro Studio Max as a plugin for LR
After reading all about upgrading to Studio Max in order to do batch processing I was surprised and disappointed, and felt a bit deceived, to find that Studio Max does not install as a plugin to LR but only operates as a standalone application. In what way would a user - having used a workflow from LR and PortraitPro for years - not assume that Studio Max worked the same way as PortraitPro. To be effective and useful for me StudioMax must work with Lightroom. I'm quite unhappy that that fact was not somehow made clear enough in advertising and elsewhere so that I managed to miss this important usage attribute. Batch processing is potentially very cool - but the Max application needs to work like the regular PortraitPro from within Lightroom. So - guess this is both a request for a feature and a gripe. Have enjoyed using the PPStudio for years - would like to do the same with other products.
I don’t use Max, but usually when doing any kind of batch processing out of Lightroom you use export instead of edit in. Have you tried that? I use a program called perfectly clear to do batch processing out of light room, and it uses an export preset which the company provides.
Hi all,
new here. and yes I've the same issue with Studio Max. No Lightroom plugin available when it clearly states there should be one as mentioned on the editions page.

Any idea how we can obtain that plugin?

Kind regards,


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