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Add on product purchases
Hello, I have a license for Portrait Pro 15 and have been using it for months with excellent results and was interested in Body but it would not be as high a priority. I notice you have bundles for both at a reasonable price. Is there any option of getting a similar discount if I added Body alone since I have Portrait Pro 15?

One added note, most of the demos on the web site and ads go overboard on processing, and the coolest part of Portrait Pro is that it does "subtle" very nicely and looking much more realistic. That overdone look used in the ads might be chasing off people who are looking for the natural look....just better, which the application does very well. Skin can look plastic if set to high levels and a beginner might not know it is all adjustable.  The one feature that I use the most is the skin lighting for those who want a less processed look, it is really effective.  The eye section is a real time saver and results are very good.
If you contact the support team, they will be able to assist you regarding this: https://support.anthropics.com/
Thank you Erika

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