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Trial Version -- not working
Just downloaded the trial version to play with, see if I like it.  I am working with  a picture of 2 people, trying to fix both faces, one at a time.

After marking all the facial points, I get the last step of lining up the face but then cannot go any farther.  It just sits there and does nothing.

I have disable Norton and it still will not work.

Any suggestions?  I am very anxious to play with the program, but cannot. Sad

Hi there,

It sounds like a fire-wall issue. We have a page of help for dealing with firewalls, along with some hints for common firewalls here. If that doesn't help, post a message here telling us what firewall you are using. Some network and wireless hubs have firewalls on them too, so that might also be a good place to look.


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