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Saving Control Points and Settings
(09-05-2016, 03:30 PM)Jasim Wrote: Plugin mode is a bit different to standalone. Standalone mode allows you to save sessions, whereas as a plugin it only operates on the selected layer image and doesn't save any other information. If you think you might want to re-edit an image, it's probably best to edit in standalone mode and save the session.

The lighten /darken tools will not selectively affect the stretch marks. However, there are also brushes for smoothing skin and removing blemishes that may be useful. Tummy tuck is a slider in the skin section, above the belly button replacement and below smooth skin.

I see.

I have to change my workflow if I want to use your software--it can open NEF files, but without color correction.  I tried Lightroom output to TIFF, then import into Photoshop.  I like the Warp/Liquify feature, it's easier to use than Photoshop's.

I hope the Save feature can be implemented in the plugin version, as a Smart Filter.

I have played around with the skin tools again...please continue to improve tummy tuck and skin smoothing and whitening.  I am happy with the skin controls in PortraitPro--maybe add them to this software?

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