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Need more videos showing how to use
I decided to download the trial before I buy and I'm concerned. I have a picture with four people in it  What I observed was: 
 - work on just one person appears to affect the shape of everything ( including the three other people) in the picture, and
 - since the picture was a top half only picture (no legs were shown), but you still have to markup as if they existed 
 - marking up people in baggie clothes needs to be address - in videos Rolleyes
I was a little concerned by what I saw in the video promo, on how this program seems to work. In Photoshop I can 'freeze' areas so they are not affected by changes made in other areas. The Body software seems to change the entire background as well as the person. There should be ways to isolate adjustments, otherwise I can change body shapes easier and with better result in Photoshop for now.

I like Portrait Pro because I can make adjustments much quicker than Photoshop, and with good results. With the Body software I see no advantage, in fact a disadvantage, at least with this 1st version, so I'm not interested until some improvements are made.
I agree with you. I'll wait to until some major improvements are made. It serves no purpose to buy Ver 1 then have to pay again to get Ver 2. I would have thought that this would have been Id during beta testing.
There are actually two tools for correcting any background distortions in the "shape tools" section. Called "repair" or "restore" these can be used to fix any unnatural distortions that occur in the image.

Some of the promo videos do show the background smoothly distorting, but not in a manner that makes the final image look implausible and allowing some background distortion may actually make the result look more realistic. Although in the case of an image with several people, you probably want to spend a bit of time playing with repair/restore to get a good result.

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