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Requests :D
I haven't PP body now... because it do things that i can do in 2 minutes with photoshop... so i think this request can help you to better sell this software:
  • Abdominals: it's easy... if you transform normal guy in a body-builder, it would be amazing!
  • Tattoo: Overlay for tattoo choosing from black/white images o color with white background (or choosing transparent color).
  • Biceps: you can make choose shape of arms and improve biceps.
  • Fur: removing and adding fur on chest Big Grin
Later, you can (if you want) insert clothes and accessory... for example sunglasses, or shirts... and sell pack of clothes or make an app to create clothes for PP Body. It's an idea... so evaluate it! :Smile
Like to see the ability to delete photos you have edited from the preview menu when opening the program, have photos I have edited but now can not delete them from menu bar, HELP!!!
I use PP Studio Max 4 quite a while. No face-adjustments, but skin editing in batch mode.

I´d like to see an option, where i can cancel the setup of the control points and use skin adjustments, only.

Like the Belly button function very much !!!
Really need to have makeup available for Profile faces. As soon as one selects profile, the Makeup tools menu vanishes. There are some so-called pre-sets for makeup - WHICH DO NOT WORK. I needed to add eye specific make up to my profil oriented picture and there was no way to do this.

It is ridiculous to have the option to select Profile, but NOT to have the option to apply makeup.

You also need to create a 3/4 face.

These are not unusual portrait angles. A lot of the tim 3/4 is used and PP simply does not seem to be able to handle this.

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