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Hot folders for incoming and outgoing pictures
I would like to use PortraitPro live onsite in a high-volume application. This is for use with existing software that uses hot folders to watch for photos and print them automatically.

The features that would be needed to support hot folders:

1) PP is watching a user-selectable folder. When a new picture (JPG or RAW) is put in the folder, PP notices. If it is "idling", e.g. not working on a picture, the new picture file is loaded automatically. Or there could be a hot folder notification button; when it turns green or whatever, the user can click the button to load the next photo in line. (Even better, allow both modes, either autoloading or requiring a button press, selectable in Preferences.)

2) A default set of operations has already been set up in advance of the photo shoot, similar to how batch mode is set up. For example, automatically find faces, automatically find the sex/age, automatically apply a particular preset depending on the sex/age.

3) PP applies the default operations. When complete, either PP immediately saves the file (see step 4 below) or the user is notified and they can manually apply further adjustments if they want. Again, this choice -- either immediately save or allow manual adjustments -- would be selectable in Preferences.

4) Finally, for manual adjustment mode there is a single "Save" button (not a menu -- too slow) that sends the resulting JPG -- with "PP" added to the filename -- into a user-selectable folder. This could be either the original hot folder or a different folder.

I understand about Photoshop and Aperture actions, but this is for the many other programs that use hot folders for their automation.

Hopefully this feature should not be too difficult to add. It is similar to batch mode, except that 1) PP watches for new photos in a user-selectable folder and then applies the "batch" operation defaults, 2) there is a selectable choice of either automatically saving or waiting for further manual adjustments and 3) for manual adjustment mode, there is a single "Save" button that sends the finished "After" picture to a user-selectable folder which can be different from the first (incoming) folder.

Thanks for considering this!

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