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Pupil Reflections
I've searched the forums for this, but don't see any mention.

When adding Pupil Reflections, most of the stock reflections ('windows' & 'fluorescent') only support the light source coming from camera left, i.e. they are curved to match the curvature of the left side of each eye.

If the true light source is clearly coming from camera right and any of those stock 'left window' reflections are used on the right side of the eye, they look totally wonky.  Attached are images that show this.

Am I the only person that uses this feature and/or have noticed this?  Or is there a rule no one told me to always have your light source come from camera left?   Big Grin

IMO, a BIG improvement in the Pupil Reflection area would be:
  1. Ability to set the Pupil Reflection to match the curvature of the left OR RIGHT SIDE of the eye.
  2. Ability to adjust the opacity & sharpness of the added Pupil Reflection.
  3. Integrate the positioning of the added Pupil Reflection to tie-in with the positioning in the Skin Lighting Controls (which would be TOTALLY AWESOME!)

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