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Clone Brush function?
Hi All! (or some) whatever! Rolleyes
I,ve just bought this great program.
And I've tried it, and it's good!
But I just wonder:
Is it a Clone Brush function, or something like it?
For example, I have a picture of my Grand Daughter, taken last year!
She was eating by her self, and that left a lot of breadcrumbs in her face,
so I wanted to remove some of the crumbs, not all,
just so I could see her face! lol
When I used the tool to remove them, it also rmoved some tiny shadows,
and replaced it with "clean" skin, but No Shadows!
The shadows must be there, because, or else the dept in that place is gone.
So I just wonder, if it was a "clone brush" function,
it would be easy to replace just the shadows.
I'll be happy, if someone who knows this can reply.

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