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Clone Brush function?
Hi All! (or some) whatever! Rolleyes
I,ve just bought this great program.
And I've tried it, and it's good!
But I just wonder:
Is it a Clone Brush function, or something like it?
For example, I have a picture of my Grand Daughter, taken last year!
She was eating by her self, and that left a lot of breadcrumbs in her face,
so I wanted to remove some of the crumbs, not all,
just so I could see her face! lol
When I used the tool to remove them, it also rmoved some tiny shadows,
and replaced it with "clean" skin, but No Shadows!
The shadows must be there, because, or else the dept in that place is gone.
So I just wonder, if it was a "clone brush" function,
it would be easy to replace just the shadows.
I'll be happy, if someone who knows this can reply.
Have you tried the "Restore" brush (shortcut "r")? You can set the strength of the brush so that you can decide how much shadow to review or how many breadcrumbs to stay on the face. Remember, you can brush over the same area multiple times for more restoration.
I will try that!
Tnx 4 answering!
I only had the Program for 3 days, so..
Again, Thank You!
I have now tried the restore function.
And my conclusion is this:
The "Restore" brush (shortcut "r") doesn't replace a "CloneBrush" function.
The "Restore" brush (shortcut "r"), is only an "undo" function, that means
that you must start, and do the same aerea all over again.
The "CloneBrush" function on the other hand, would make it possible, to "copy" a nearby skin aerea,
With the same structure, lightning as the editing place,
To the place that you want to edit.
So, its very similar to that same skin aerea!
I wish, that you would add a "CloneBrush" function into PortraitPro!
Yes, your observation is right!

What I normally do, if a picture needs cloning like you mention above, I would use Photoshop to do a quick fix and then hop onto PP to finish it off the finer job.

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