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WorldPay Issue
Yesterday, I made two attempts to purchase the upgrade to PortraitPro 15, using Anthropic's WorldPay service. But WorldPay rejected my valid credit/debit card twice, asking me to use another card instead.

So I used PayPal to make the purchase, using the same card, which went without problems.

In addition to WorldPay's two rejections of my valid card, the attempts triggered fraud alerts at the bank that issued my card, which I had to verify that they were false alerts with my bank.

This is just a fyi for Anthropics to let them know that WorldPay, for reasons unknown to the purchaser, can present unnecessary problems for their customers. In my case, it's good that they offered PayPal as an alternative.
Thanks for letting us know about this. We are looking at new payment options. The problem might be that Worldpay is a UK company and US banks are more cautious in allowing transactions outside of the US.

Whatever the reason we are looking to the options, and a US based card processor would be an obvious choice.

Thank you for your reply, Gary! I agree with you about the US/UK/worldwide financial situation.

Have a great day!
That is in fact what happened to me. A call to the credit card company informed me that it is a security issue, and once I told them I was making a purchase outside the US they let the transaction go through within a half hour. I have used the new version on my iMac without any problems, haven't tried using the makeup section yet though.

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