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Face recognition+Speed+features
Hi Guys,

yes I like your software because is time saver for some quick jobs. 

What I would like to be improved is:

- more speed (I'm using 50 MP camera, iMac 3.5 i5 processor with 32MB RAM and seems that software it's a bit slow)
- better face recognition if face is positioned on side towards lens
- option to add extra dots to make more precise selection around objects (if I'm going to change selection shape, image is rendering after every click if you work with bigger image size this is pain in the ass. Maybe is a good solution to have a option to switch at screen where you can do all corrections and render all at ones, same as last screen when you doing manual selection). 
- option smoothing skin for the rest of the body (neck, hands, etc...) 
- avoid hair smoothing as a default option

OK, that is few things what I would like.

All best!
Hi Marko,

Perhaps you would like to try out V15 and see whether the face recognition is better for your type of photo.
For face outline, I first tried Face Sculp Control and adjust the face shape slider. Most of the time, I found this to be a better option. In V15 this is also much faster. But not sure how well it performs for your 50MP.
For skin smoothing for the rest of the body, just go to Skin Smoothing Controls->View/Edit Skin Area and just extend to the other skin area where you like to smooth. For small selective skin smoothing, I normally use Touch Up (short cut T) brush.
Unless I misunderstand you, the hair smoothing should not be the default option. However, you can easily reset the default by switching off the Hair Controls and save it as Preset (remember to tick off Default for Male and female). Then go to manage Preset and click on the new preset name and set it as default.

Hope you have joy using PP!

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