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How to adjust eyes size and convert to b/w ?
I'm green to PP12, just purchased it for few days. 

Just wondering 
1) if model's eyes are not in same size after recovering from stroke, do I have options to balance eyes size ?   
2) when pushing adjustment bar to the right end but expected effect is still a few stops to go, what can I do ? 
3) I ever viewed PP12 demo about converting color picture to dramatic b/w, how can I do that ? 

Many thanks.
Hello AAC,

1. Under the Face Sculpt controls, there are control sliders for the Eyes and you can adjust the Left and Right eye slider to balance the eyes. It's also worth opening all of the sub-sliders for the eyes so that you see the all of the sliders available to use.

2. I'm sorry I don't quite understand this question. If I understand correctly, are you referring to the slider being set to 100 but you still want to enhance it further? One way of dealing with this is to save the image and re-open it for further enhancement.

3. There are 3 black and white presets available for use from the preset list. They are listed as Picture controls - Black and White. If you would like to adjust the color conversion please open the Picture Controls.

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