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What would be a good PDA to get?
Hello everyone,

Well I have been thinking of getting some sort of PDA, but I will not pay the price of a laptop for one Wink

I am looking LOW end - would anyone have anything they would recommend? I am basically going to use this so I can take my dvd list with me to the stores so we stop getting duplicates - I know, its a sad reason :p I have some of the OLD BE-300 devices, but they are a pain to sync and they do not like Office documents. I also have a PSP, but have yet to find a program that would let me view excel files on it.

Any ideas would be appreciated!
There's a free CD/DVD catalogue software here http://www.freedownloadmanager.org/downl..._software/
Catalogue the discs you have, print out a list and take it with you when you visit the stores.  You won't have to spend anything on a PDA.

The home page is here http://www.movienizer.com/?ref=inst&version=2.2&b=2201 with a comprehensive explanation of what the programme does. There are also a couple of video tutorials which explain how to create/edit your movie database/s.

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