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Epson Surelab D700 printer
I wonder if there is anyone on this forum is using an Epson Surelab D700 printer. I am planning to buy one and would like to hear of any negative comments or issues regarding this printer.

There are lots of praise on this printer but absolutely quiet on anything negative!
After consideration for 6 months, I finally decided to buy this printer.

Indeed the print quality is very good. Now, I am doing all my own printing (less than 8.25 inch wide) and the best part is that I can control the final result myself.

Only issue I have is that the printer snipped off 4 strips (about 5 mm) of paper every time a new job is requested. Also, between each photo, it will snip off one strip of paper about 5mm. Other than this, I am very happy.

Glad you are enjoying your printer. I do my own up to 11X14. Just something about watching that paper come out with YOUR image done the way you want it. Brings me back to the days that I would expose and dip the paper. Much cleaner today, just miss the toner smell.
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Yes, you are right! It is pure joy and the best part is to see good print coming out! Print that had never been that good before.

When I brought my images to the lab, they always complained that my images were difficult to adjust colour. Now, I realised that they are thinking too much. They also adjusted my contrast too much. Now, I never have problem.

I wanted to print larger than 8" but I felt that economically, it is not worth it. So, I gave up.
For me, 11X14 is the largest I can print standard but I do 11X17 and 13X19, but I want my prints larger that 8X10 to be mounted, so that adds to my external cost, but well worth it.

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Large print is still cheaper to be printed by my friend who has a huge Epson. He also help me to do minor tweaking if necessary.
Talking about mounting, the general problem is that client wanted everything cheap! So, we will leave that out and let client do it themselves. Perhaps this is our own fault also.
Which printer are you using?
I am using a Canon Pro 9000 MKII.
Not the best by some since it uses ink, but to me and my customers, it's the BEST.

PortraitProfessional Forum

Yes, you are right. As long as the customers like the prints, there should be no issue.

dont know.. I have two of these babies and also their big brother, the SL-D3000 12" printer.

Stunning results with endless control using the Epson Order Controller software.

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