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Saved image is more saturated?
(09-08-2015, 03:36 AM)IronSea Wrote: I've also noticed that the processed image also is too red.

I'm using the PhotoPro plug-in with Photoshop CC 2015. The base image is a ProPhoto RGB colorspace TIFF file.

I concur with MacSass that the culprit seems to be the skin coloring controls. They appear okay in the PortraitPro interface, but render with entirely too much red when you commit the changes. Very frustrating because going back and re-doing your edits in PortraitPro is not fun, when you've already tweaked everything!

portrait pro even the new version 15 does not support prophoto RGB.  That is likely what is causing most of your problem with too much red, lower overall exposure too bright highlights, etc.  In LR you need to go to edit preferences external editiong and the color space to adobe rgb so the photo is converted to adobe on the way into portrait pro and seems to work much much better although not entirely flawless.. I find I still need to tweak once back in Lightroom

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