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Saved image is more saturated?
(03-28-2015, 12:58 PM)dawnrosie Wrote: I was happy with my results until i saved it, it was then far too saturated? Im using Application: PortraitPro (64-bit)
Edition: Standard Edition
also the restore brush doesn't do anything?

Hi Dawnrosie,
I have been experiencing the same recently with version 12.2.

I have a feeling that with the new update to 12.4 it seems less of an issue - but I´m not 100% sure yet - have to do some more tests.

What I found so far:
- It seems related to the "skin coloring - correct outside face" setting. Try setting that to 0
- Try to disable the "picture controls (last section)" in total
- In my tests it only seemed to happen when I do use the "Skin lighting control", when I disable that I could not the the change in saturation

I agree that this only appears after saving (I´m using 16 Bit Tiffs) - it is not visible (at least not that strong) before in PP.
Also it typically increase the reds way to much ...

I also recommend to log a support call if the issue is still there with 12.4. I will do the same after some more tests.

Regards - MacSass

PS: I have requested the release notes for 12.4 to see if they do list this issue as fixed ...

one more thing I just found:
It might be related to the RAW image file format - those obviously they have a hard time to decode - at least in my case I think I was not using RAW but TIFF files, still it might be good to verify that FAQ here:


Regards - MacSass

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