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PortraitPro Not working with 10.10.3 beta?
(03-26-2015, 03:15 AM)BlackScorpion Wrote: I just purchased this app for a job i'm doing and made sure i read the homepage and all to see if any notes were posted regarding this app not working with the Latest MacOS Beta. I installed the software and applied the token provided. Application loaded , i clicked on open image and it hangs for a few seconds then quits? Really? I didn't buy this software to become a beta tester for this program. SO i contacted support and i get 1 response each day, asking for this, then that. In an effort to correct , this matter i deleted the software and ran disk utilities and repair all permissions. I re-installed the software and now I'm getting the message "this token has already been used? Really? so i once again contact support sent them the information they requested and also provided them with the MacOS Crash report and i get a response telling me that my ticket was sent to the software developer to investigate what is causing the crash. Once a solution is found they would get back to me? SO, here i am contemplating if i should file a payment complaint with PayPal since i bought this software and the thing don't work.

Now i have to tell my customer that they will have to wait until you guys find a solution, that is not good business. Having a statement stating that the software is not compatible with a certain OS, would have been something useful for me

What other avenue do i have? I can't even run the software without another token.

The work around is this... Open PP, open the folder where your pictures are, drag and drop into the main part of PP, do not hit open file!
Hope this helps!
Mrs. Crazy


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