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PortraitPro Not working with 10.10.3 beta?
Is this forum even run by Anthropics , do they even look at these reports or submissions. Waiting on a response regarding my support ticket filed March 22nd for this software, quitting on me when i click on the open image button. I provided all the information requested by support and was told that it was being sent to the developer to investigate. Shouldn't this software have been tested before being released? They should also post something i the homepage warning potential buyers that the software has issues with a certain OS. Another thing, what type of support do they have? I haven't received any yet that has helped me out, This company need to get it's act together.

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RE: PortraitPro Not working with 10.10.3 beta? - BlackScorpion - 03-29-2015, 05:19 AM

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