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adjusting only the eyes or half part of the face
Hey all,

So far PP (studio latest version) works fine for me as long as I work with standard portraits.
But often I work with portraits where only the eyes are visible and the face is covered by a mask or something else and no face is detectable.

Then the auto adjusting screws it up....
So my question is can I run PP without the auto modus and adjust only the parts in the face that I want, for example only the eyes ?

Can I do the same if I have only a profile (half part of the face)?

Most important , how to do this?


Hi Ferdinand,

If you are working on an image where part of the face is covered, you can disable certain features controls by selecting the green button. Also, if something is covering the part of the face you may want to double check the skin mask area to make sure that the mask did not spill over any areas outside the skin area. You can do this by opening Skin Smoothing > View/Edit Area

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