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Poll: any organization to work with us ?
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yes , exactly the same as portrait pro. company?
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yes , but with a little difference in price
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no , im an agency by my self
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no , but i can prepare it for u
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no , but i know how to
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invitation for cooperation
im sorry everybody if i should not send this post here
this is becouse of the confusing system of the site
1-the support system of the site do not respond to my information that i need , where is exact forum or link to ask my questions ?
2-we are a big company in Iran that sells DSLR cameras , and all the studios all around the country do works with us , we want to have the agency of this product in iran and sell this software legally , is there anybody or organization to work with us ?
if yes where is the link or phone number or.... ?
Hi aragon_dc,

Thank you for your enquiry. Do you have your Support ticket number so I can look into this?

Unfortunately, we have tried using resellers and affiliate schemes many times and it always cost more to support the resellers than the revenue we make via them. Also, we have often found that they reduce their prices to compete with us, so we actually made less revenue as a result. Therefore we will not be accepting your kind offer.

You can however purchase the software from anywhere in the world via the buy page on our website.

Warm regards,
Hi aragon_dc,

Please can you enable your private messages so that I can message you directly.

Many thanks,

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