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Need Advice....
I think photography hobby is the most expensive hobby.
Could anyone recommend me gears for great portrait photography. Many people says that good camera is sufficient for Best portrait photography. I think this is not true.
I already have Canon 5d camera and lenses. Now i want to add some gears on my setup. My thumb rule is to take good quality gears. I want to buy Tripod and soft LED lights. Somebody recommended me following products..

/www.thecinecity.com/eshop/Proaim-75mm-bowl-head-tripod-stand-CF-75-with-spreader-with-75mm-fluid-head.html]Proaim Carbon fiber tripod, lightweight.

Aluminum tripod[
Camtree shine lights
Fresnel Lights sun lightt

These all seems very good and price is also fine.

Any recommendation?

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Like most photos including portraits, the important things to remember is to make the picture as natural as you can make it. I have a friend who is a retired professional photographer with a degree from Brooks Institute of Photography. He uses a 20 yr. old Nikon and produces beautiful images. Good exposure, natural lighting, and of course, a good eye. Most of all, take lots of pictures. The pros have a secret....the more pictures you take, the greater the odds of good pictures.
The gear is secondary. Expression of your subject is key. Work on that first with what you've got the look for gear upgrades when necessary.

Good luck!
It's pretty true that the gear does not make the image. You do. I shoot newborn with a camera that is from 1965. I shoot film and am stuck with the ISO of the particular stock that I'm using. So, if I can make great images with that, then it's not the gear. I think I would have a look at dracast lights for led lights that won't break the bank. They're really nice, light weight and not a billion dollars.
what kind of images are you looking to create?  What kind of mood do you want to set?  Don't get wrapped up in the "this will make my images better, or bring in more clients" trap. Unless of course the gear that you're buying make getting to your end goal easier.
here are some headshots that I've shot, some of these are shot with 3k Westcott flex led lights and others are shot with $300 worth of used strobes. Either way, I'v made a decent living with both. Though one of these setups makes getting to my end shot a lot faster.

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