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Need Advice....
I think photography hobby is the most expensive hobby.
Could anyone recommend me gears for great portrait photography. Many people says that good camera is sufficient for Best portrait photography. I think this is not true.
I already have Canon 5d camera and lenses. Now i want to add some gears on my setup. My thumb rule is to take good quality gears. I want to buy Tripod and soft LED lights. Somebody recommended me following products..

/www.thecinecity.com/eshop/Proaim-75mm-bowl-head-tripod-stand-CF-75-with-spreader-with-75mm-fluid-head.html]Proaim Carbon fiber tripod, lightweight.

Aluminum tripod[
Camtree shine lights
Fresnel Lights sun lightt

These all seems very good and price is also fine.

Any recommendation?

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