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Enhancement for working with 2 monitors

I´m using a two monitor setup for me retouching.

I have the tools & options palette of PP on my second screen and the main windows with the picture on my primary screen.

Whenever I make any change in the options / sliders on my second screen and go back to my primary screen to do a before/after comparison by hitting the return key, I first have to click on the main picture in order to get it "activated" because it gets inactive every time I make a change on the palette on my second screen.

Obviously the palette is it´s own window and disables the main screen.

In photoshop when you move back and forth between the screens the respective panels are active automatically.

So the request is to automatically reactivate the panel and main screens when the mouse get´s over it.

Any questions - feel free to contact me.

Best regards - MacSass

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