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This token business has been quite confusing
I did everything recommended on the PP website, including a support ticket (which by all accounts on this forum will never be responded to). I also retrieved the original email with the token noted. I sent support a copy of that email. I installed and re-install the app at least 6 times. I restarted my machine multiple times. I did all this: https://support.anthropics.com/products/ I have yet to receive a reply from support (3 days).

As you can see below, it shows me purchasing v 15.4.2 in 2016. Yet, on the PP "My Software" page, you have my current product as "Studio 64 v11" (purchased in 2013)??????. See: https://i.imgur.com/ZkFCLCN.jpg | https://i.imgur.com/ADBMnoB.jpg What's up with that?

I see now why other users find this Token thing so perplexing. Let's address this issue today, shall we??


From: Anthropics Sales <donotreply@anthropics.com>
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2016 1:27 PM
To: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: PortraitPro Studio purchase confirmation

Thank you for your purchase

Item: PortraitPro Studio
Price: $59.95

View an invoice for this payment here:

Download the full version of PortraitPro Studio for Windows here:
A 64-bit version is also available here:

Download the full version of PortraitPro Studio for Mac here:
A 64-bit version is also available here:

Here is your activation token:


1. Download and install the full version of PortraitPro Studio using the link above.
2. Run the newly installed PortraitPro Studio and follow the instructions in the opening dialog to activate the application.
RE: "You stated that you upgraded some components in your system. This may have caused token to be altered. As the tokens are one time use, go to the email that was sent when you purchased, then follow the link." Portrait Pro acknowledges this. They state: "The PortraitPro software calculates a system fingerprint based on various parameters of your computer, including the CPU type and parameters of the boot disk and motherboard. If this fingerprint value changes the software will ask for activation again. One way a fingerprint can change is if a driver for the motherboard has bugs and returns different values on different days." I said this from the very outset  (that I upgraded my BIOS) in order to expedite the matter. Yet, here we are - bogged down. If they acknowledge this, why don't they rectify the situation? They are the source - I'm just a user. It's not up to me to figure out their software architecture or that of my BIOS provider.

It's obvious that PP thinks I'm trying to beat them out of a free license. They claim I may have installed the license on more than one machine. See: "In the license agreement that you see before installing the software we say that one license is needed for each computer. However, we understand that people frequently need the software on both their laptop and their desktop so we allow two activations for single persons use. According to our license page you have already successfully activated the software on two computers and that is the maximum that we allow. If you need the software on a different computer please remove it from one of the computers you have it installed on now and let us know when you have done this."

They are now in a circular argument. In any case, the issue remains unresolved.

Despite telling Anthropics support from Day 1 that I upgraded my BIOS, now they just restate what I already did. All I want is a license that works. I even suggested to them that they de-activate **ALL* of the previous licenses they claim I have activated and simply issue one good working license. In addition, I have provided them with all of my purchase documentation. I'm showing 100% transparency. Anthropics is not acting in good faith.

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