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"Make-Up Box" for Studio Max?
(03-22-2014, 12:12 PM)MacSass Wrote: Hi eseavey,

I agree that more make up features would be a nice addition and have requested that to the developers.

A first step has been taken with the "smokey eyes" feature and I hope that more (eye liner, eye shadow, etc.) will be added in the future.

Which version it would go to would be of a second topic ...

Regards - MacSass

MacSass, Indeed what features should go in what version can be discussed separately. I was thinking that the Studio version has some basic controls to change the lip hue, add smokey eye effects, etc. I actually think PP12 with the 64bit support is reasonably priced for what it does.

My question is more of a business decision question really. At almost twice the price, the one most important difference between the Studio and Studio Max, is the batch mode. To increase appeal to a larger group of people, having the "Make-Up Box" in the Studio Max version at the higher price makes a lot of sense to me..... Or perhaps since I am a consumer, I should request to have it added to the Studio version I currently have. Smile


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