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1 Eye Covered
Hi there! I have just recently started to use Portrait Pro and unless there is something I am missing the 1 down side I have found at the moment is there is no way to remove 1 eye if it is covered up, for example by hair. It at the moment just kind of puts a ghostly looking eye over the hair it would be great if you could still edit with a face that only have 1 eye showing but is not a side portrait.

If you open the eye sliders menu, you'll find that each slider has a grey > triangle next to it. If you click this you'll get a left and right option for each slider.
Simply make sure that the sliders of the covered eye are set to 0.
Hi GaryLyons,

I would set the sculpting for the respective eye to zero and as well all related slides for that eye that could interfere witht the eye brow, as e.g. sharpening of the eye brow - that should usually be good enough.

Never experienced any issues that way.

Regards - MacSass

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