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plugin for photoshop
[colIor=black] I just purchased pp 2 days ago. I thought in was a plugin for photoshop but I have to open the program ( which by the way saves it as the previous photo number that I already worked on) seperatley. Can I change this?

Will there ever be layers???????
Portrait Professional Studio edition works as a Photoshop plugin. You will need to install the plugin before you can use it. This is done in the menu of Portrait Professional Studio version 9. On Windows choose the Settings option in the File menu, and on Mac the Preferences option. Then select the plug-in tab and follow the instructions for installing the plug-in.

I don't understand your questions about saving. Can you describe the steps you went through in detail?

And no, we are not going to copy the Photoshop concept of layers. However if you tell us a particular effect you want (i.e. pasting in other objects) rather than how it would be implemented, we will certainly consider it. We do follow these forums and other suggestions (like adding reflections in eyes) have been added to the software as a result of suggestions here.



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