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Buy now or wait for v12
Hi all I'm New to the forum about to purchase PP I think the reason I say that is,
I see the PP developers have released v12 Beta which means it may be released soon,
so what do others advise wait for v12 or purchase now

and if I purchase now is it a free upgrade to version 12,

how are others whom are finding the program so far
Tom GSmile
Tom, I don't see PP said anything about free upgrade to V12.

Depending on your job nature, if you make a living in portraiture and do a lot of photoshopping, then I would propose to you to buy now. The time saved in just a day work is enough to pay for upgrade.

However, if you are just a casual user, I suggest you download the trial and have a go at it. Then you can buy it if you cannot resist it anymore. I think I have been using this software since V3 and have never regretted it.
I am still waiting for PP12 Beta for Mac after being told it was ready four months ago.

Apparently they are having issues with the Mac version. Must be some major issues if its taking 4 months (and counting) to sort

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