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Portrait Professional 9 Colour Managed
I too am getting a huge color shift (toward red) when I save and close back to CS4 which makes the changes I did on portrait pro a waste of time as I have to redo everything in photoshop. Anyone else have this issue or know the fix?
I have had a ticket in support on the "yellowish" problem for a while now, but no response. Now that I read this I recall that when I first installed PS I got a warning that there was a problem with my monitor profile. When I ignored it everything worked just fine after that, so I have not worried about it. Could this be my problem?
The Portrait Professional plugin always works in color managed mode. It is up to Photoshop to transmit the color profile to the plugin when it runs. If color management is turned off in Photoshop this causes a bug where the plugin will assume a default color profile of sRGB, and this often causes a color shift, depending on your monitor profile and the color profile of the original file loaded.

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