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ProPhoto RGB Colour Space
I have two feature requests related to this subject.

1. ProPhoto RGB is Lightroom's default colour space. For those of us who use Lightroom and/or Photoshop and prefer to work in Lightroom's default colour space, having PortraitProfessional support ProPhoto RGB would enable better workflow integration, and would avoid unnecessary (and potentially quality degrading) colour space conversions.

2. PortraitProfessional should throw up a warning whenever a user attempts to edit an image that is not in a supported colour space! There are several lengthy threads in this forum where various users including me have complained about PortraitProfessional causing unexpected colour shifts. Since the cause is apparently use of unsupported colour spaces, having PortraitProfessional automatically check and flag unsupported colour spaces would avoid a lot of problems.

David A. Gilmour
Lumacraft Photography
Hi David, I am afraid that we have no immediate plans to add support for the ProPhoto RGB colour space, however I have passed both of your requests on to the relevant people.

(08-13-2013, 04:57 PM)emma Wrote: I am afraid that we have no immediate plans to add support for the ProPhoto RGB colour space

Please keep my request under consideration Emma, especially for the Studio64 version, which according to your website is targeted at professional photographers like me. I don't know if there is a market survey that offers the statistics but, at least in my experience, most professionals shoot in RAW format, and edit in the widest gamut colour space that is practical to use, which is 16-bit ProPhoto RGB. I am sure that Anthropics is aware that several competing automated portrait retouching Photoshop plugins, which also target the professional and advanced enthusiast photographer segments, do support ProPhoto colour space. I prefer PortraitProfessional's approach to the others' in regards to handling portrait corrections, and so I can only hope that competitive market pressures, along with the developers' desire to produce the best product on the market, will close this one unfortunate feature gap.

David A. Gilmour
Lumacraft Photography

Hi Emma,

to be honest I´m a bit suprised by your statement.

I have been discussing this with Arjun some time ago here in the forum (see http://www.portraitprofessional.com/Foru...t=prophoto )
and there Arjun stated that using ProPhoto should not cause any issues.

I have been using ProPhoto since then to send images from Lightroom to PP and so far I have not experienced any issues. I never found any shifted colors (beside the areas / changes having been modified by PP).

Can you please clarify that, as I think this is a really important fact.

Also - in case that ProPhoto really is not supported - that is something that should be added for the Studio versions urgently, as this is targeted at pro users, and I´m not willing to degrade my RAWs in order to be able to process them in PP.

Looking forward to your clarifcation - thanks -


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