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The new version 9 interface
When v9.0 Trial is first installed and run, on the left is a "Buy Now" panel, at the top of which is a little tab.  If the tab is clicked the control panel  can be undocked and moved to wherever you wish.  Subsequent runs of PP have the control panel staying where it was put.

I chose the inbuilt blonde portrait to practice on and chose "turn eyes green" ............ only one of the eyes turned green !
[Image: EYES.png]

Quite David Bowie-ish !!
Hi Roscoe,

I can see by the way there is a tiny bit of the camera right eye turned green that you haven't marked up the right eye correctly. the bigger circle goes round the iris, and the smaller one round the pupil. That should fix your problem.
You're right of course ! Just testing Smile

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